Digital Publishing - Here’s what we do!

We can help you create your own app and more importantly help you through that burning question - ‘how much does it cost to build an app’ our Awakin Apps have many gerat features that could benefit your business such as:

  • Push technology
  • QR coupons
  • GPS Check-In
  • Social media integration
  • Events listings
  • Email forms
  • and many more…

But we don’t just make apps, here at Awakin we design and publish iBooks so whether you want your idea to become a free iBook, freemium iBook or a straight pay per download version we’ve got the tools to help you realise your great idea!

At Awakin Apps we can help you grow your business with a smartphone app for less than you might think! We can also offer our advice and services on Social Media Management and E-Marketing Solutions - get in touch at to find out more or CLICK HERE to see our latest special offer for new customers!